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Stop Cleaning Toilets!

If you are the one stuck cleaning the toilet, then you know the feeling. That feeling you get when you are scrubbing the bowl with the toilet brush and some water drops splash on your leg or arm. You instantly feel soiled. Have you stopped to think about the water that must also have splashed on your clothes? Hopefully it’s the end of the day and you can go home, but if it is not, you are now going to spend the rest of the day walking around with toilet water on you.

 A simple solution to this dilemma is to wear a full body suit with gloves, mask, and goggles.

A better solution is to hire a cleaning company.

DC Office Cleaning can clean those toilets, leave them fresh and save you and your staff from unwanted splashes.


PPE Toilet Cleaning

cleaner is better

Clean offices make for more comfortable workspaces.

No TP?

Don’t wait until you’re on the toilet to realize you’re out!

Your Schedule

Have your office cleaned as many times as you need.

Clear Results

Expect green products and professional results.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide consistent, high quality office cleaning that works like a part of the client’s business. 

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We work with professionals in the Washington DC area to provide professional cleaning services. You can focus on your business while we focus on your office space.


We believe in cultivating a company culture among our employees that encourages enthusiasm and creativity while maintaining a strong work-life balance.

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