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clean simply and effectively

When cleaning your space, always take care of these three basic tenants: sterilize restrooms, remove waste, and clean floors.


No one wants to use a dirty restroom. Keep it clean and well stocked for a happier office.

waste bins

Allowing food and other waste to linger in the office is an invitation for bad odors.


Regular, proper floor cleaning prevents time consuming and expensive maintenance later.


Get your questions answered and discover how a cleaning service makes life easier.

Spring Cleaning

Every year of service comes with a deep cleaning in the Spring, complete with carpet cleaning.

Office Cleaning


Let’s face it. No one wants to work in a dirty office, and no one wants to stay after hours to clean it. How can you get the best cleaning out of your office staff? We’re glad you asked. Click below to find out where your staff should focus their efforts for amazing results.

School & Daycare

Learning spaces for children require a strong cleaning methodology. Children create a greater need for regularly sanitizing surfaces, cleaning floors of food, dirt, and other debris, and a strong restroom cleaning regimen. Read our publications on educational facilities for things to look out for and enjoy a few stories about our experiences.

You have 35 things to do. Let us handle seven.

Managing an office comes with a lot of responsibilities. Reduce the time you spend on tasks that aren’t related to your business. You and your staff can stop staying after hours emptying trash, vacuuming floors, and cleaning toilets. You can also stop worrying about buying paper towels and running to the store when you realize you are out of toilet paper.

A professional service will help reduce your work-load.

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