School and Daycare

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Give assurance to parents and staff with daily disinfecting services.


We know you have taken many measures to reduce the risk of spreading illness in your school. You have limited class sizes, virtualized classes when possible, and moved lunch outside. Masks are mandatory, students are six feet apart, and hand sanitizer is by every door.

You have done a great job making your school as safe as possible. Now it’s time to let a professional help clean after the students and teachers have left.

Teach Blocks

Convenient Scheduling

Many offices and other facilities require accommodation for late nights, early mornings, weekends, and holidays. Our service is customized to the schedule of our clients. We also pride ourselves on being able to handle requests for non-scheduled cleaning.

Color Coded Cleaning

DC Office Cleaning uses a color coded system with our cleaning cloths to help prevent cross contamination between areas of the office. This ensures, for example, that toilets and desks are not cleaned with the same cloth.

Office Hours


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