Educational Facilities

The first thing people notice when they enter your school is the smell. Good or bad, this is the impression you will set for your student’s parents. Together, we can create an amazing first impression that will be remembered by keeping in mind one simple fact: clean floors eliminate much of the lingering odors in your building.

Taking floor care seriously has another benefit. It creates a bright, uniform, clean look for each classroom and hallway.

School Cleaning

Whether your institution has in-house cleaning staff or outsources, DC Office Cleaning can crush your janitorial service requirements.

We have experience performing full nightly cleans as well as providing assistance for existing staff.

Preschool & Daycare Cleaning

Although daycares are typically smaller than other educational facilities, there is often a higher cleaning requirement because of the age of the children. Classroom floors are often sticky from dropped and spilled food, carpets are frequently stained, and toys are often left in odd places. Restrooms also have a larger burden of cleaning from diaper waste (and accompanying lingering smells) to soap spills and bits of torn paper left all over the floor.

DC Office Cleaning can take care of your nightly cleaning issues and leave you with a clean and fresh school in the morning.

Popular Service Options

Full-Time On-Site

Dirt accumulates quickly in schools. Keep  staff on site to keep it clean and handle emergencies.


A cleaner can come at scheduled times during the day to keep things tidy.

Evening Service

Most janitorial services occur in the evening after most of the staff has left.

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