Let Us Help You With Your Pandemic Problem.

Our offer will help keep your office especially clean all year!

Smooth Operator

Think Clean

The pandemic has challenged us with rethinking how we serve our customer, clients, and patients. An excellent way to help keep things running smoothly is to sign up with a cleaning company.

Phone Cleaning

Anti-Bug Policy

Disinfect Your Surfaces

Limiting contact with the public and wearing masks is a great start, but how about disinfecting reception areas, phones, and all the other areas we don’t normally think about? Stay safe out there!

Always in Stock

Never Forget TP Again

No more last minute supply runs, no more checking each restroom and dispenser to make sure they are supplied. You can focus on your work with assurance that your supplies are full.


Fall 2021 Special Offer

Sign up for a full year of service and receive an whole 2 months of free service!


Spring Benefits

The value continues through Spring with a Spring Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning

Get Results In 3 Simple Steps

The process is simple and fast so you can get back to what you were doing.

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Chat & Walkthrough

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You Are Getting

    • Excellent office cleaning.
    • Managed Cleaning & Restroom Supplies.
    • A free month with month-to-month service.
    • Another free month with annual service.
    • Spring cleaning on us.
    • Carpet Cleaning on us.

What To Do Now

Now that you are ready to solve your problem, fill out the form so we can set up a meeting time to discuss your specific requirements.

What Happens Next

We will contact you to have a conversation with the purpose of seeing if we are a good fit for each other. If we are a match, a walkthrough will be scheduled so we can nail down requirements. The walkthrough can be in-person or virtual.

Your Productive Relationship with Us

Service usually begins on the first Monday of the next month, but we are flexible enough to accommodate a variety of options.

I’m Interested!

Offer for two months of free service requires an agreement for a year of service paid in full before the start of service. Savings calculations are based on a 5,000 sqft office serviced daily and includes an estimated cost for a Spring Clean with carpet cleaning.